Helping busy professionals repair struggling relationships - online - from the comfort of your own home

Online help to repair & rebuild your relationship &  recover from the pain of the past.

I help couples (& individuals)

  I help couples (& individuals), who have hit a rough patch or are struggling to move forward to get their life back on track. I can help you move from where you are now to where you’d like to be.

Are you in a long-term relationship and struggling to make it work? Feeling worn down by life & exhausted by conflict? Wishing that it could all be easier? Do you love your partner but feel that it just isn’t working?

Would you like your relationship to be closer & more trusting? To be able to come home to a loving, supportive home & family life?

I offer caring, confidential & effective help and support based on the research evidence of what really helps.

Let me show you how to overcome the experiences that stand in the way of your happiness & to feel confident in your ability to repair or create a supportive, loving relationship & home life — that works! I like to offer my clients a warm, safe, open, light-hearted & non-judgmental space. I take pride in offering a high quality service that is unrushed  -because I allow people the time that they need—& effective —because it is grounded in a solid evidence base.

Couples Counselling— Online

 During my career, for over thirty years now, I’ve helped people from all types of backgrounds & walks of life to live a more fulfilled, joyful & meaningful life. For the last 18 years I’ve been using a uniquely effective healing process in my work.

Some of what goes wrong for people in life & in relationships comes down , in the end, to unconscious, emotionally driven reactions. This is very hard to fix on your own- no amount of self- help can reach this stuff.

I can help you address these deeper issues & leave forever these repeating cycles of unhappiness & heart-ache.

As a natural cheerleader, I want you to feel encouraged and comfortable during our work together.

“I just wanted to tell you the good news that (my husband) and I are back together &
have been since (8 months). Didn’t want to ring you earlier as was keen to see how
things were going but so far it is great and I have my lovely husband (not grumpy
one) back! All is so much better and we are both in much better places than we were
before. I am very grateful to you as on our journey you were the only professional who
understood it properly.”

Couples Counselling- Female Client

My Background

I studied Psychology at Bangor University (University College of North Wales) before
gaining a distinction in Human Givens Therapy in 2002. I hold a BA (hons) in
Psychology and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Givens Therapy which uses a
solution- focused, evidence- based approach to take people from where they are to
where they’d like to be (read more about this here). A few years ago I wrote a book about my work with relationships: 5 Steps to Lasting Love.

I have worked with people under pressure &/or in distress for more than thirty years,
helping people get their lives back following major set-backs and am a founder
member of MindFully Well, a network of therapists specialising in using up-to-date,
evidence-based methods to help people with emotional & stress-related difficulties.
I was born & brought up in East Yorkshire, England, UK and am the eldest of four
sisters. My mother was from County Meath in Ireland and I lived in County Wicklow, Ireland 
with my husband & twins (a boy & a girl) for seventeen years. We are now in the
process of relocating, as a family, to Helsingborg in southern Sweden.

5 Steps to lasting love

An Evidence-based Guide to Protecting & Repairing Your Relationship.

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