Stress Female Client

I loved this treatment: it changed the way I looked at life. Before the treatment I just saw small and didn’tthink that anyone could help me sleep and cope and understand what had happened to me. I feltcomfortable straight after the first session, it’s very straight forward. I’ve recommended it to everyone Iknow.

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Sleep/Anxiety Female Client

After nearly 25 years (of seeking help) I still had incapacitating problems…Ann Marie identified thecause of my problems straight away and began using specific techniques, and helping me to makepositive changes to my daily life, to help me to resolve them. Improvements started immediately and havecontinued. Human Givens Therapy is not like other therapies: it

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Trauma Female Client

I went to Ann Marie for help with a reacuring memory from my childhood that I felt kept me stuck eventhough I am in my early forties. Ann Marie is very skilled in listening and from here she was able to putmy story into a session which was quite straight forward and not as difficult

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